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General Discussion Blog – Sharing Ideas for Mutual Benefit

In today’s digital environment, in a world dominated by the Internet, Google and major search engines are considered to be the ultimate fountains of knowledge. But is this really so? Most information on search results is generic in nature with an absence of the very special personalised touch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somebody could answer all your doubts from first hand experiences? Welcome to the General Discussion Blog, a forum where you can post events and incidents that you have gone through so that others who face similar situations can benefit from it.

The very concept of sharing ideas for mutual benefit is simply amazing. It enlightens, it warns, it facilitates exchange of thoughts and most importantly cautions you against falling into pitfalls faced by others. Going on a long road trip vacation for the first time and want to know what precautions to take and the car tools to take along? Go to the General Discussion Blog and take advice from others who have undertaken similar expeditions. Or maybe you are wondering which insurance scheme will optimise cover for your family. Know about it all in this medium.

However, this Blog platform is not only about getting the required information. Life is not a one way street. It is also about posting your side of the story, the occasions you have gone through from which others can equally benefit as you have. Anything goes – a cell phone that is not functioning well, details of a plumber who has made major repairs in the middle of the night or simply the best place in town to have your kid’s birthday party. Don’t hesitate to put it all down even if you have to let off steam against a perceived injustice.