Home Extension

My Home Extension – Sharing my Experience


I recently completed by my home extension project. Obviously, home extension entails considerable investment of time and money. However, that’s not adequate to achieve quality results. On most occasions, the outcome does not match with the picture we have in our minds and that is certainly not desirable. There are many reasons behind an extension project going off-track.

Mostly, the root of all the problems is lack of a coherent plan. If your ideas and intentions are not backed by a well thought out plan, your home extension project is bound to falter. My recent experience bears testament to this particular fact. When I started my project, in my eagerness I made the mistake of jumping straight into the execution part without properly planning out the extension. Strategic planning is imperative to string together your ideas into a real vision that can be completed in the stipulated time and budget. I was fortunate enough to realise it on time and hired a professional designer and architect to plan out my home extension, but this mistake is certainly avoidable.

Professional assistance also comes in handy in getting planning permission. Building extensions around Melbourne can be a hassle some task if one does not have the knowledge about the legalities involved. For most people opting for home extensions, a successful application for planning permission is necessary before any work can be undertaken. It becomes even more important where the suggested extension is higher than the highest part of your present roof as in my case.

Therefore, I would recommend taking professional assistance for home extension in order to attain the desired results.