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Moving to Sydney for Job – What options do I have


My family has been in Melbourne for almost three generations now and my high school and graduation has been from the city. I’ve always dreamt of having my own business one day – not on the scale that Bill Gates would envy but something that would get me adequate returns and a comfortable life. Melbourne does have enough opportunities but my line of thinking is that if I have to make it on my own I have to be on my own. I’ve tried my hand at odd jobs in a cleaning company, in a firm that specializes in tree care and even as an apprentice in a reputed authorized car service station. Now I’ve decided to move to Sydney to try my luck there.

I would request those in the know to guide me in this regard. Since I’ve already worked in a cleaning company and have some experience in this field that would be my first choice. I believe that there are many firms and franchises that specialize in commercial cleaning in Sydney. Will it be beneficial if a join one as an employee or would it be better if I started as a new franchisee? The second might take some time to stabilise since I’ll be in an altogether new city but considering my past experience, it should be perfect for me.

Please let me know your thoughts in this regard.