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My Sister is Preparing for Her Maiden Tournament


Tennis runs in our family but it is my sister more than me who decided to take it up big time. Well, it’s true that at one stage I had thought of a career in tennis too but gave it up when I chose academics over the game. But I have always been the sparring partner for my sister, practising long hours a day with her and teaching her the finer nuances of the game. She has always been a quick learner and it was but natural that she would graduate to playing tournaments soon. Not Grand Slams now but just a start at the club level. And along with my sister preparing for her maiden tournament, I too got involved in choosing the best sportswear for her.

The first question that I asked myself was should she wear shorts or a wrap around skirt that the Williams sisters wear. Since my sister practices in short skirts I plumped for it. High comfort level was my prime consideration so I chose a brand that offered that as well as stretch. The outer layer of the skirt I bought is made of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex that make the skirt very light and flexible. Another inner micro Lycra lining permits easy manoeuvrability. There is a third layer of polyester super mesh that allows the skin to breathe easy. The high points of the skirt are chaffing free fabric and 100% stitch-less technology as well as specially treated fabric that draws perspiration and moisture away from the body. All in all it’s definitely a premium product.

The next item on my shopping list for women sportswear was a V neck T shirt. My sister prefers these to the ones with a collar. Here too I decided to go for a top of the line product. The one I selected is made of chaffing free fabric that has been treated with moisture wicking technology to absorb moisture and perspiration so that the skin is dry at all times for maximum comfort. The first layer of the shirt is made of 92% polyamide and 8% spandex so that there is optimum flexibility and stretch. The second layer is of 100% polyester super mesh that makes for easy breathability of the fabric.

Well, after my shopping spree, I can confidently say that my sister will be decked out in the best available sportswear. It is now time for her to display her talent. Here’s wishing her all the best.