Own business startup

I Took a Step by Starting My Own business


Starting your own business and to be successful requires a lot of entrepreneurial expertise and loads and loads of luck. When I finished my college, I was in two minds – go for a professional management course and take my career forward from there or start my own business, however small that might be. I opted for the latter as I really wanted to be my own boss. Further, I knew that doing my own thing would be a challenge and I could hardly resist the temptation.

Choosing the business that would suit me the most was the first difficult step. I talked it over with family, friends and relatives and they were all very encouraging. My family even promised to chip in with the initial investment provided I kept the amount within manageable limits. After a lot of careful thought I decided to start with domestic cleaning services and then move on to commercial cleaning after getting some hands-on experience. Infrastructure was kept at a minimum. A portion of the garage was used for storing tools and I personally took up the cleaning routine. I was lucky that I got a lot of recommendations from my contacts and within a month the first step of starting my own business had been initiated.

I really went out of my way to optimise customer service. I worked odd hours according to the convenience of my clients and kept my charges very low, just about covering my expenses. Most importantly, from the first day I opted for green cleaning solutions that are free from harmful toxic chemicals. These are costlier than conventional cleaning products but all my customers gladly paid a little extra for this. It also helped to establish my reputation and goodwill in the market.

After about six months I was getting more calls for domestic cleaning services than I could handle individually. Naturally I decided to hire skilled labour that were trained and had experience in this field. I contacted a professional agency for labour hire in Melbourne and was amazed at their efficiency. Within a week they had sent 5 men for the final interview. I am told that they have a database of skilled labour that they draw upon when recruiters contact them for specific vacancies.

Needless to say, I am now into commercial cleaning too and am glad that when the time for a decision cropped up in my life I took the right one.