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I was deceived by ac repair person

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When you are not aware of the technicalities of the appliances installed in your home, you should be extra careful when you call in technicians for repairs. And when you implicitly trust them without going into details, you‘ll be in a soup like me. This is what happened about six months back.

My wall split air conditioner was giving me problems and its cooling efficiency had dropped dramatically. Being peak summer times I was naturally worried and called the first company in AC repair category in the yellow pages without bothering to check the reviews or testimonials.

The technician came over the very next day and thoroughly checked the indoor and outdoor units. I was quite impressed with their attitude. What they told ne next hit me like a ton of bricks. 3 parts were not working well and needed to be replaced. The refrigerant had to be topped up as the tank was almost empty.

Well, I had not much reason to doubt them as my unit was almost 3 years old. The quote was quite high but I had no option but to agree as the heat was unbearable. The technicians got to work and in a couple of hours had the problem fixed. Cooling efficiency was back but due to the high charges, I decided to take a second opinion on my decision.

My friend has a business of air conditioning in Bayswater and I approached him with my doubts. He is also into heating in Bayswater and is experienced in this field. After hearing my story, he said that I had been conned for the following reasons –

  • No air conditioner, he said, has problems with three or four parts simultaneously. An air conditioner is very sensitive equipment and even one mal functioning part will drastically reduce cooling levels, forget about multiple parts. That was deceit 1.
  • No air conditioner runs out of refrigerant without having a leak. I was sure that there had been none in my system because the technician hadn’t said so and I had never found a foul smell coming from the outdoor unit. That was deceit 2.

Based on my experience, I would like to appeal to sufferers like me not to take any decision in a hurry. Take a second opinion BEFORE repairs and check the testimonials of the concerned company before hiring them for repairs.