Get a 3d Tattoo

Why I decided to Get a 3d Tattoo


Optical illusions are indeed quite intriguing and a popular source of fascination. I thought of taking a different approach to optical illusions by getting one permanently inked on my skin in form of a unique 3D tattoo. These tattoos are a rare blend of bewilderment, allure, and prowess, all packed into an inked outline that truly tricks the brain into assuming it could be genuine.

Tattoo craftsmanship has been utilised since quite a while as a prominent type of body decoration, yet like all other artistic expressions, this one too has experienced exceptional changes prompted by technological advancements .  Three-dimensional is the new fad in tattoos, as it gives an astounding aesthetic appeal to them. However, the final product of a 3D tattoo mostly relies on the skill level of the tattoo craftsman as it requires an extraordinary level of expertise and a great deal of practice, to get the desirable results.

3D tattoos are altogether different from other  tattoos as they have the tangible feel to them. This is the motivation behind why individuals of any age and from all kinds of different backgrounds are opting for 3D tattoos. These tattoos have an incredibly fascinating charm as they are attractive and undoubtedly draw the interest of any individual who observes. They look awesome on whichever part of the body they are included, whether it is the back, midsection, neck, legs, wrist or calves. Some of these tattoos might be truly engaging, while others can sometimes even startle people with their realistic appeal, for example, those highlighting little creature creepy crawlies or skull outlines.

Coming back to the concept of optical illusions and 3D tattoos, the vast majority of magic tricks seldom capture the attention of viewers for long as they are based exclusively on trickery. Therefore, while it may seem baffling and enthralling, once you make sense of the trick, it doesn’t impress or mystify you. The optical illusion functions distinctly as there actually isn’t any trickery involved, so despite you know about the deception, it is still bound to fascinate you. Regardless of the number of times you see the image, it makes for an awe-inspiring sight as each time you will see a different aspect of it. That is precisely the reason I opted to get one.

However, I would recommend you to visit only professional and experienced tattoo artists. An experienced and skilled artist has the ability to manipulate various hues of ink until they seem to be indistinguishable up close. Professional tattoo artists also know how to use tattoo laser removal machine properly just in case you are considering removing the tattoo.

These tattoo removal machines are laser IPL machines working on a principle of emitting short pulses of light onto the tattoo to be removed and offers effective as well as painless procedure. However, a little scarring may occur and you will need to wait for few days again to be inked.

To round off things, my 3-d tattoo has really redefined my appeal and given a new lease of life to my confidence. I would recommend you to go for a 3-d tattoo but only after you are completely comfortable with the idea.