Salon and Spa

My Experience at Beauty Salon and Spa


First, I would like to categorically say that I usually avoid visits to beauty salon and spas simply because I believe in homemade remedies. These I think are far gentler on the skin than the concoctions used at these clinics. However, my recent visits to a reputed beauty salon in Melbourne has indeed been very enlightening, so good in fact that I think that availing these services are a far better option than the treatments I do on my own. In fact I went through a procedure of permanent hair removal for my upper arms and legs on IPL laser machine and the results have been wonderful.

But here I will talk about my overall experience at the beauty salon and spa.

The ambience was really superb and though I was a bit tensed about the treatment, the relaxing environment put me at ease at once. The salon was fresh and hygienic, the floors and walls were spotlessly clean and soft ambient lighting pervaded the whole waiting hall, not that I had to wait a lot thanks to the promptness with which my appointment was attended to. Inside the actual chamber, everything was well organised. The brushes and other apparatus were kept neatly on the table and there was no clutter that would have led to a messy look.

The pre treatment consultation was very friendly. All my apprehensions about laser and IPL machines were put to rest by the beautician who explained in detail about the operation of these machines. I was also assured that this specialised equipment is safe and the procedure painless. However, there was a slight stinging sensation during the process which was quickly taken care of with cooling gels and by passing cold air over the affected area. This impeccable customer service really impressed me. I could see that they cared about my welfare and were going out of their way to make me comfortable.

Next, a word about the staff will be in order. All of them were very experienced and knew exactly what needed to be done. Even though they were handling state of the art technologically advanced machines I could see that they were very conversant with the operational aspect of the equipment. No fumbling around and each session was conducted with clockwork precision and efficiency. Even at the reception, when there were no clients to be attended to, the staff went about other duties without resorting to gossip or friendly banter amongst themselves.

Finally, their attention to detail was really amazing. I had to give my particulars the first time around only and for subsequent treatments was always greeted by my first name by the receptionist and other staff. It was like family, and I would instantly feel at ease. They remembered my preferences too, one teaspoon sugar in my coffee, black, and the fact that I am allergic to strong overpowering smell of scented candles.

I cannot talk about other beauty salons and spas but my experience here for permanent hair removal has been truly wonderful. I had to go through three monthly sessions and each one of them was pleasurable to say the least.