Tooth Pain

How I Got Rid of My Tooth Pain


For me, toothache pain is one of the most terrible physical pain that I have endured. My outing to the dental practitioner, who spent around half an hour analysing my affected tooth while constantly reassuring me that he was trying to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.

In any case, I was apprised that I would require endodontic treatment but I had to wait till inflamed pulp clears out and the pain localises and the exact source/area of the pain is identified. I was prescribed some anti-inflammatories. By and large, a greatly gainful visit.

A toothache can be brought on by various issues, for example, gum malady, a split tooth, an irregular bite or grinding of teeth. However, we will concentrate on a toothache engendered by tooth decay, as that is the most well-known cause, despite the fact that the following cures will help alleviate pain caused by other issues as well.

A cavity caused by tooth decay is the consequence of bacteria in the mouth and its response to sugars and starches. As microbes separate the sugars and starches, sticky plaque loaded with acids frame over the tooth. If left unchecked, plaque can frame tartar, which can’t without much of a stretch be brushed away. These acids destroy the enamel and unless dealt with, they will keep on eating ceaselessly at the tooth until it ends up contaminated. It is the point at which the pulp is contaminated that a root canal becomes essential to limit the infection.

Although there are two popular home-made remedies that I personally used and recommend others to use as well.

The first is cloves. They consist of a substance called eugenol, which is a potent antiseptic and painkiller. Cloves were utilised by dental specialists well before present day dentistry evolved, and eugenol, in an extricated refined shape, is utilised even today. Truth be told, it is a primary constituent of the stuff a dental practitioner will swab on your gums to numb the affected region. While there is still some doubts about its mechanism, notwithstanding its usage in the dentistry, eugenol presumably acts on certain agony receptors, blocking them and in this manner, obstructing the sensation of ache.

The second remedy I used involved a paste made from salt, pepper and water. Try not to utilise too much pepper as it will make your mouth swell. Apply the paste to the part that is affected. The popular belief is that if your paste is spicier, then it will make your toothache issue to be cured effectively. It can make somewhat harsh sensation yet you will see that your toothache will be away for a while using this method. It certainly worked in my case.

Even aspiring dentists who have enrolled in a dental technology program vouch for the above- mentioned remedies. While setting off to the dental specialist may appear to be an expensive alternative, these cures will help you fight tooth decay. However, it is important to note that these remedies are not a substitute for professional assistance.