Home Security System

New Security System Installed in my House


I had been thinking of having a security system installed in my house for quite some time now but when a spate of burglaries hit my neighbourhood, I decided that it was either now or never. My house too is in the suburbs in a rather secluded area and hence this action should have been initiated earlier by me. Procrastination is simply not done when the safety of your loved ones is at stake. However, I will share with my readers what it takes to set up a full security system in a house.

And this is what I did.
First and most importantly, I worked out a budget within which I wanted to limit the expenditure. I read some home security tips and tricks. Equipment can range from the simple basic ones to those that have highly sophisticated and state of the art technologies incorporated in them. The prices will differ accordingly. But if you mix and match the devices to specifically meet your requirements, you’ll surely get a good deal.

Next I called in a security specialist to inspect my premises and recommend the systems that would be ideal for my home. He advised me to have high end equipment that would thoroughly track the outdoor areas including my garden while keeping the internal home alarm systems at a more basic level. Based on his blueprint, these are the components of the new security system I got installed in my house.

• External Bullet CCTV cameras – I have got two of these installed, one over the main door and one at the rear porch. I have not compromised on the sophistication of these cameras and they are simply top-notch. These have great depth of focus and cover my entire garden. Not only that, they send high resolution recordings even in low to zero light conditions. Further, the very presence of the cameras is enough to deter intruders from a theft or robbery attempt. I have opted for the wireless model and there is no wire that leads from the cameras to the recorder. Thus a robber cannot hide his intentions by cutting the wires.

• Internal Dome cameras – These are not the high end versions but advanced enough to take recordings in low to zero light conditions. All these cameras are in hard to find places away from the general line of sight. These too are the wireless variety.

• Recorder – It has the option of being accessed from remote locations too. I can therefore keep an eye on my house when I am away on business or even on vacation with family and the house is locked. This is through any Internet enabled device such as my smart phone, tablet or laptop.

• Audio-video alarms – Sensors are also embedded in the sills of windows on the ground floors. When I turn in for the night, I turn on the alarm. If an intrusion is attempted and the windows are forced open, a shrill alarm will go off. The speakers are fitted both internally to warn me and externally to alert my neighbours.

• Smoke security – This is a very novel concept but nevertheless very crucial in the overall security system. This device is fitted to the alarm system of my house. When the alarm goes off, this too is triggered. The area is filled with dense smoke within seconds and the intruder, unable to see anything will have no option but to stumble out the way he came in.

This then is the new security setup of my house. True, that I have had to invest substantially but it is definitely not more than the value of the additional safety of my family.