Eco friendly Products

My Preference- Eco friendly Products


There is a growing awareness of the benefits of using products that are free from harsh and abrasive chemicals. Too long have we depended on traditional cleaning solutions picked off local super market shelves, using them without understanding the full implications of the harm that they can create to our environment.

The primary reason why I prefer to use eco friendly green clean products is to safe guard the health of my family. Chemical laced cleaning products often give off noxious fumes which affect the respiratory systems. Coming in touch with surfaces that have been cleaned with these products can result in allergies and skin diseases. Even room fresheners, hand sanitisers and odour removers can have an adverse impact on the internal environment of my home.

Why then do I prefer natural cleaning products now over ones that I have always used?

Most chemical cleaners have nitrogen, phosphorous and ammonia as ingredients and all these are harmful for the human body. These are present in some extent or the other in all bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, surface cleaners including glass and laundry detergents and dishwasher soaps. When these are flushed down, drain water is contaminated. When this flows into water treatment plants, a certain percentage of the chemicals are removed but not all. The three mentioned above remain in the water even after treatment.

These chemicals then enter our natural water bodies and ground water. There will be an overgrowth of some species of plants that will deplete oxygen levels in the water resulting in slow dying off of others. It will lead to an unbalanced eco-system that will not only affect our existence but even that of future generations. Over time the water used for daily use will become unfit for use and consumption. This vicious cycle of degeneration cannot be stopped until a collective effort is made by all to use green cleaning solutions. By using nontoxic cleaning solutions, I know that I am contributing my mite for a green and clean world.

How then do these natural cleaners work? Green cleaning solutions have beneficial bacteria, each working best in different conditions. These act quickly on contaminated substrates and wastes and feed on them until the source of food is finished and the issue is eliminated. If the root of dirt or odour is removed the area will be cleaned out. Some products have enzymes that are active till the complex waste compounds are broken down. Others products follow the bioremediation process where harmful complex compounds and toxins are turned into harmless simple compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

There are eco friendly products that I carry in my handbag even when I am on a vacation so that my family can follow a strict health regimen even when travelling. The natural hand sanitiser is an example. Just a few drops on the hands and rubbing them dry is enough to kill off 99.9%b of germs. It is not sticky and does not dry up the hands even after multiple applications.

No one should compromise with the health of their loved and dear ones – neither do I, one reason why I use eco friendly cleaning products in my home.