Secret to Defy Aging

My Secret to Defy Aging


I am a 60 plus something woman and when people compliment me on the texture of my skin, the absence of dark circles under my eyes or the absence of any hint of flab around my midriff, I do really feel good. But their next question has always stumped me. What, they often ask me, is my secret to defy aging? I feel confused because I have never really made a conscious effort to look young.

I have simply followed a very wholesome life style, not slow and not fast either. I have always lived at a pace that has helped me enjoy even the smallest pleasures of life. And most importantly, I have never given too much attention to what the mirror has been trying to tell me over the years. And if that has helped me hang on to my youth, I would prefer it to be that way for eternity.

What then has been my lifestyle that many people think is my secret to defy aging –

  • A good night’s sleep – I have always insisted on getting 8 hours of shut eye every day. No late night shows or parties for me. It started when my first child was born. I used to go to sleep with him early and that habit has stuck. I feel invigorated and remarkably light headed and full of energy every morning which stays throughout the day until I hit the sack at night. This freshness is probably one secret for my vibrant looks at this age.
  • Eating stimulating and healthy food – I usually start meals with a fruit, vegetables and a glass of water. There are two benefits to it. First I have loaded up on vitamins and antioxidants that help to refresh and reenergize me. Secondly, being partly full with the good stuff, I’ll take smaller portions of the main spicy course. And because I’ve already laid the way for a 90% healthy diet, I never skip dessert. That’s the rest of the 10% I indulge in without it playing on my conscience.
  • Physically grooming to look good – Yes, I do make a conscious effort to look good. This should not be mixed with trying to look young. I have always visited spas and beauty clinics for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. Recently, I saw an ad for IPL machines for sale and wondered what it was all about. When I visited a spa that had one such machine, I was amazed at technological advancements made in this field. After 6 sessions, there was permanent hair removal in the true sense of the word.
  • Going back in time – Sounds silly but it really relaxes me mentally, leaving my mind and hence by default, my body fresh and energised. There is nothing like a bit of nostalgia to pep up your spirits. When I feel a bit down, I put on some music of my times (Deep Purple is one of my favourites) and recall those lovely times I had with friends and family. Far from feeling ancient and sad, it gives me an experience of youth, increases my vision and happiness levels and sharpens my memory.

These are some of the aspects of my lifestyle and I really feel young following it. Nothing too difficult, it has now become an integral part of my inner being. If that is my secret to defy aging, so be it!